Hogg Launches Desperate Attack on Mike Pence, But Finds Out His Limitations in the Backlash

David Hogg is having difficulty understanding that his 15 minutes is up and he’s still trying to generate action from his followers.

His latest stunt is confirming that he hasn’t gotten the messsage.

From Conservative Tribune:

In a Twitter posting Sunday, Hogg called on his 778,000 Twitter followers to sign a petition demanding that Vice President Mike Pence cancel his planned May 4 speech to the National Rifle Association.

The petition was originated by the liberal activist group MoveOn.org and was claiming almost 43,000 signatures by Sunday evening.

We can count young Mr. Hogg as one of them – and he wants his followers to join in.

Hogg, at 18, has an unreal expectation of his own power and reach, thinking he can issue commands to people. Not surprising, since liberal media has filled his head with belief that he has that power.

But his Twitter followers were at the behest of the groups and adults behind him – MoveOn and Planned Parenthood.

Not exactly the people who have any power over the NRA or people who would go see Vice President Pence anyway.

And in fact, Hogg’s demand is likely to spur more people to come out for Pence’s talk who would not have come out.

As some of the responses already indicate:

Hogg and his liberal buddies seem to think that the NRA controls thought or politicians. But they have it completely backwards. Perhaps because that’s the way they think, group think and group compliance with the talking points mantra, as Hogg is trying to do with his demand.

But the reason that gun-control bills would still exist even if the NRA goes away tomorrow.

It’s because the vast majority of the American people understand their right to self-defense is intrinsic to the rest of the rights guaranteed in the Constitution. They understand that shootings like what happened in Parkland in February are horrific, but they also understand that forfeiting freedom for the illusion of security is a fool’s choice.

Hogg’s fame is the direct result of manipulation by much older gun-grabbing activists who have disproportionate influence over the mainstream media’s coverage of gun rights.

He might even enjoy publishing orders to 778,000 people, intimating he has the power to affect the agenda of the vice president of the United States. After all, what teenage boy wouldn’t?

But he actually has no more power than the gun-control movement has evidenced at the ballot box, which means it’s not anywhere near what the mainstream media would have the country believe.

The NRA is a result of what people feel, not the cause.

And Hogg’s attack on the NRA isn’t going to change what people feel about the Second Amendment.

And Hogg is about to find that out as this latest stunt only gets more pro-gun rights people out for the event.

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