Skeletons Come Out of Michelle Wolf’s Closet That Should Be the End of Her

“Comedian” Michelle Wolf made a complete fool of herself at the White House Correspondents Dinner. She wasn’t creative. She wasn’t funny. She wasn’t appropriate. It was just a nasty display of partisanship.

Now, we are learning a little bit more about Michelle Wolf that she clearly preferred we ever found out.

Apparently, she has been deleting some tweets over the past year or so.

From The Daily Caller:

Wolf hurled insults and bullied members of the Trump White House, going so far as calling Sarah Sanders a “liar,” clumsily attacked Kellyanne Conway and made light of aborting a fetus, saying you should not “knock it ’til you try it.”

However, the comments would not be shocking based on Wolf’s Twitter activity over the last few years. According to a report by the Daily Mail, Wolf has deleted tens of thousands of tweets in the months leading up to her speech in front of some of America’s most influential media elites.

“Michelle Wolf’s Twitter showed the comedian had over 20,000 tweets in June 2017, but now only has 376,” according to the Daily Mail report, “The controversial comedian deleted thousands of tweets in which she poked fun at the Trump administration and made vulgar comments about celebrities.”

Here’s more.

From The Daily Mail:

On Monday, Wolf’s Twitter account showed she has currently has 376 posts on the social media site. In June 2017, the comedian had over 20,000 tweets.

Among the deleted posts was the comment, ‘I can’t believe trump is pro-life. I’m pretty positive that eric [Trump] is an abortion [sic].’

Another post jokes: ‘I’m not normally attracted to white men, but Bill Clinton.’ In other Tweets, Wolf claims to ‘love’ Hillary Clinton and defends the Democratic candidate’s use of a private email address to send government correspondence.

The comedian also makes multiple jokes about women’s tennis star Serena Williams secretly being a man.

‘If Serena Williams and Madonna had an arm wrestling match, no one would win, and they’d both walk away with raging boners,’ she wrote in one tweet.

In another, Wolf wrote ‘LeBron James was named Sports Illustrated Man of the Year. Sorry Serena, so close.’

The Twitter messages appeared to have been deleted in recent months, as Wolf has gained more national prominence as a comedian.

Pretty sneaky.

If Wolf thought her jokes were funny why not just leave them?

What is she embarrassed about?

Clearly, she had second thoughts about her “comedy”. What’s funny about those jokes? Do liberals really life at that? Good grief.

She’s got some explaining to do. Make no mistake, this would end a conservative comedians career.

Here’s more on Wolf’s performance.

From New York Post:

President Trump wasn’t the only person who panned comedian Michelle Wolf’s at times raunchy, vulgar comedy routine at the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner Saturday.

Members of the Trump administration and even some journalists called her out for the bawdy performance, with former White House press secretary Sean Spicer describing it simply as a “disgrace.”

Trump, who didn’t attend the gala for the second straight year, decided instead to hold a campaign-style rally with supporters in Washington, Mich., which he contrasted with the WHCD in a tweet early Sunday.

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